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So, in January this year (2019) I’ve made a desision to revitalize my YouTube channel. Since about 2009 I’ve posted a few clips here and there and always enjoyed people’s reactions. This time, I’ve launched ‘Mastering Rhythm With Konnakol’ - a weekly tutorial series about the basics of Konnakol and about understanding rhythm for instrumentalists and vocalists of any level and genre. I’m passionate about spreading the word and bringing value to people, especially to those musicians who are struggling with their rhythm as I feel, very strongly, that rhythm is often overlooked in western music education.

Here’s a link to ‘Mastering Rhythm With Konnakol’ series. Videos are uploaded weekly

And here’s a link to the YouTube channel

Thanks and hope you’ll enjoy the new videos,



It was a big pleasure to join the family of these fantastic Jazz musicians at the 'Ambleside Days' Jazz Festival at Zeffirelli's and Fellinis.


Big Thanks to :

Claire Martin OBE – Voice
Thomas Gould – Violin
Paul McCandless – Saxophones
Tim Garland – Saxophones
Nikki Iles – Piano
Jason Rebello – Piano
Gwilym Simcock – Piano
Mike Walker – Guitar
Joe Locke – Vibraphone
Alyn Cosker – Drums
Martin Berauer – Bass
Bernhard Schimpelsberger – Percussion
Mark Lockheart – Saxophones
Darryl Hall – Bass
Yuri Goloubev – Bass
John Helliwell – Saxophone

for a great musicianship and unforgettable moments.

Photos by David Forman

Photo by Bernhard Schimpelsberger

Photo by Bernhard Schimpelsberger


Memories from an amazing time in Indonesia. Great music, great people, great food and the magic of Indonesian hospitality.

Big thanks to:


Eko BalungBernard MaseliJoe Rosenberg,Dewi GonthaDewi GitaDonny Hardono,Leonardo MoonJune PavkovicDimawan,Dimawan Krisnowo Adji,  Peni CandrariniKamal Musallam and Ade Rudiana.

for a great musicianship and amazing time together!


Casa Murada Studio Sessions, May 2018

It was an honor and again a huge pleasure to record some new albums for MoonJune Records.

Here some photo Memories from the recording with Maestros: Gary Husband on keys & drums, Kevin Glasgow on electric bass and Mark Wingfield on electric guitars…

Casa Murada Studio


Ambleside Days - Festival 2017 in memory of John Taylor

It was a real pleasure and a big honor to spend almost 5 memorable days in the beautiful scenery of Ambleside and to share the stage with those fantastic musicians: Dave Holland, Joe Locke, Gwilym Simcock, Norma Winstone, Mike Walker, Stan Sulzmann, John Helliwell, Nikki Iles, James Maddren, Darryl Hall, Mark Lockheart and Steve Watts. It was a great beginning of many musical friendships. 

Big thanks to all the musical colleges, their families and a special THANK YOU to Derek Hook for making all that possible and taking care of each little detail. 

IMG_2564 (1).jpg



Memories from the gig with Shri Sriram and the Hammonds Saltaire Brass Band at the Manchester Jazz Festival 2017

Shri – Just a Vibration

Shri – Just A Vibration By Duncan Lomax

Shri Sriram (bass, flute, vocals)/Jasdeep Singh Degun (sitar)/Asaf Sirkis (drums)/Members of the Hammonds Saltaire Brass Band. Conductor: Morgan Griffiths

Salon Perdu

A powerful and innovative meeting of musical minds and imaginations, in which Indian classical and street music meets the British brass band tradition, with jazz, drum‘n’bass and dubstep thrown in for good measure. Composer-producer Shri Sriram creates a fascinating and enjoyable ‘Bombay mix’ of styles in this big-sounding, fun, lively BASCA-prize winning crossover work. Shri is joined by seventeen members of the Hammonds Saltaire Brass Band. 

“Just a Vibration is about bringing Indian classical and street music, melodies and concepts to the Brass Band to make engaging, dynamic music with the very unusual, cross-cultural combination of brass band, sitar, bass and drums. The influences range from Bombay street music, jazz, brass, Indian classical, Bollywood, R.D. Burman, Wagner, drum’n’bass, dub-step, Mariachi and more. They all seem to exist harmoniously in the same space – as it is all nothing more than just a vibration!”

“It’s a powerful & innovative meeting of musical minds and imaginations, in which Indian classical and street music meets the British brass band tradition with jazz, drum ‘n’ bass & dub step thrown in for good measure. It’s a compelling ‘Bombay mix’ of styles that works because it is the brain child of one man, the multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer Shri Sriram”
British Bandsman, Paul Hindmarsh

“An entertainingly varied set that would make great film music.”
The Guardian

“The set was amazing – I’m still tapping my foot! What an epic concept!”
East London Radio

“This was like drinking a huge pot of the most indulgent creamy hot chocolate, splashed with a heavy dose of brandy combined – 10/10.”
Huddersfield Examiner


Shri Sriram – Just a Vibration (review by Adrian Pallant)

The visual spectacle of sitar player, drummer and electric bassist surrounded by brass band stands and pennants might well have been sufficient to tempt onlookers to stay – and the opening, widescreen grandeur of Shri Sriram’s music would surely have rooted them to the spot. Melding Indian classical music from the sitar of Jasdeep Singh Degun and the evocative Yorkshire brass vibrato of the Hammonds Saltaire Band with Sriram’s thunderous bass and Asaf Sirkis’s skilled drumming might, on the face of it, have been an unlikely concept. But Sunday’s evening slot presented the bassist/producer’s 2015 album Just a Vibration to enthusiastic festival-goers. 

The unusual body shape of Sriram’s self-made electric bass allows him to explore arco sounds alongside traditional methods, his looped effects filling the air with sweet fragrances in-between vast soundscapes. The subtle vibrato of Saltaire’s brass, under the direction of Morgan Griffiths, created intense, visceral drama (experienced, for us all, in genuine inner physicality) through deeply sustained resonance, brassy stabs and the kind of textural panoramas that seem unique to a traditional British brass band sound – and their focus was spot-on. 

Sriram’s programmatic balance was excellent, the extraordinary delicacy of Degun’s sitar so sweetly executed before it mesmerically intensified; in-demand drummer and percussionist Sirkis (the anchor of so many jazz and jazz-rock productions these days) was given free rein to underpin with heavy energy; and Sriram’s combination of adept konnakol and limitless fretboard exploration with effects was fascinating to witness. An unexpected delight for an attentive, rapt audience – and perhaps the biggest movie score of all time! 

Mr. Dwiki Dharmawan's recording session with Nguyen Le, Carles Benavent, Yaron Stavi and myself in company of Mr. Leonardo Moonjune Pavkovic

It was a giant pleasute to record two full days at La Casa Murada, 1hr west of Barcelona, in the beautiful settings of the XI century mansion in the heart of Penedès, the biggest wine region in Catalunya. Mr. Dwiki Dharmawan's recording session with Nguyen LeCarles Benavent, Yaron Stavi and myself in company of Mr. Leonardo Moonjune Pavkovic was very fruitful and we created a great piece of music together. Thank you guys for a beautiful musicianship.

It was great to meet Mr. Gary Husband in La Casa Murada...

Many thanks to Mr. Leonardo Moonjune Pavkovic for organizing another great recording session.