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Gwangju World Music Festival, Korea (August 2016)

I`m looking very much forward to the Gwangju World Music Festival!

It will be wonderful to visit Korea again and to meet some great musical colleagues.

Website: Gwangju World Music Festival

Artist Line Up:

Asaf Sirkis, KALAHA & NAMU

Asaf Sirkis is an Israeli drummer based in UK. He has been touring worldwide. Asaf has spent his young years surrounded by a cultural diversity and his music was greatly influenced by those various cultures. Once he was settled in UK, he co - formed The Orient House Ensemble. This band was awarded by BBC Jazz Award as the best album of the year and got nominated as the best musical group.

Combination of Jazz, Electronic, and Afro beat meets at the moment of ecstasy, KALAHA.

Top musicians joined together from every genre, Jesper Niclas Knudsen(Guitar), Emil De Waal(Drum), Mikael Elkjaer(Electronic Music). They combine various cultural sources of their music with Modern taste, giving the audience pleasure of variant musical repertoire.

The New Generation of Traditional Korean Music, ‘Namu’. Creative Daegeum player and composer Lee Aram, Hwang Min Wang on Ajaeng and percussion, and Yeo Seong Ryong for Oral Singing and percussion joined together to form a music group called Namu. Their near perfect performances with Traditional Korean Music base repertoire has amazed public and shortly became the leader of Korean Contemporary Music Scene.