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Mr. Dwiki Dharmawan's recording session with Nguyen Le, Carles Benavent, Yaron Stavi and myself in company of Mr. Leonardo Moonjune Pavkovic

It was a giant pleasute to record two full days at La Casa Murada, 1hr west of Barcelona, in the beautiful settings of the XI century mansion in the heart of Penedès, the biggest wine region in Catalunya. Mr. Dwiki Dharmawan's recording session with Nguyen LeCarles Benavent, Yaron Stavi and myself in company of Mr. Leonardo Moonjune Pavkovic was very fruitful and we created a great piece of music together. Thank you guys for a beautiful musicianship.

It was great to meet Mr. Gary Husband in La Casa Murada...

Many thanks to Mr. Leonardo Moonjune Pavkovic for organizing another great recording session.